When are submissions due?
Submissions can be sent at any time up to March 31. Successful applicants will then receive their grants after
July 1 at the start of the new financial year.

Who can submit for a grant?
To qualify for a Pilgrim grant you need to be a Christian Organisation, with Tax Deductible (DGR) or Income
Tax Exempt Charity (ITEC) status, who seeks funding for a media project.

Geographic scope of funding?
City, state, national or international is fine provided the Christian, media and other criteria are met.

How much should I ask for?
The Pilgrim Grants will vary as to available funds and how strongly the case is put for consideration.
Applicants are best placed to determine an appropriate amount to be requested ($2,000 up).

Is GST applicable?
If your organisation has DGR status, GST will not apply. For all other qualifying organisations GST will be applicable.

May I telephone Pilgrim?
No you will not get a reply. Email us grants@pilgrim.com.au

May I arrange a time to meet with Pilgrim?
We ask that applicants for Encouragement Grants submit a preliminary email enquiry as requested.
Once we have reviewed your submission, we may initiate a meeting with you as appropriate.

Reporting back on projects?
We expect a report on the project at its completion date. If you get a Grant and cannot carry it out, we expect
the money will be refunded.

What is the Pilgrim Media Prize?
“The Graham Wade Pilgrim Media Prize” is awarded to a Christian Organisation, which in the opinion of the
Pilgrim Directors, has done an outstanding media work in promoting and communicating the Gospel.

Can I submit for the Pilgrim Prize?
This Prize is not subject to application.